ZigZag Summer Session 2019

We’ve added a ZigZag Summer Session for June and July this year! Try out our self-directed model that liberates kids to know themselves and their passions. We have created a rich environment to inspire them, and a culture of compassion and power-with that allows them to safely express their unique selves.

Our days will be a mix of spending time at our campus in East Asheville, and out exploring nature and having adventures. We have a 15-passenger van that we will take out on trips – some planned, and some spontaneous based on kids’ and our interests. Some of our planned trips include: National and state parks, Arboretum, splash park, science and children Museums, roller skating rink, and a local farm.

And here are some of what facilitators will offer on campus. Our model equally values kids’ offerings, which they bring to morning circle every day. We’re a full time school the rest of the year, so the setup and facilitators are already in place!

  • Mystery Science
  • Sewing
  • Gardening
  • Lego challenges
  • Board games
  • Art projects
  • Slackline
  • Yoga swing
  • Makerspace
  • Loose parts play
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Fort building
  • Music making


  • We are mixed age, 3 to 12 years old.
  • We meet 9am to 3pm Monday through Friday.
  • We start on June 3rd, and end July 31st.
  • Full-time (5 days a week) tuition is $210/week, or $780/month. [plus admission fees]
  • We also offer part time enrollments from 1 to 4 days a week.
  • We offer Equity-based financial support. Please let us know if you’re a member of a disenfranchised group, and how much you’re able to pay.
  • We also have a few opportunities for parents who want to exchange teaching for drop-off hours.

Summer Enrollment Form